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Decide when you'll retire

To determine your total retirement needs, you can't just estimate how much annual income you need. You also have to estimate how long you'll be retired.

Use the right savings tools

The most common retirement savings tools

What are the tax advantages of gifting?

You may enjoy significant income tax and estate tax savings with a properly structured gifting program. To understand the tax advantages of making lifetime gifts, you must understand what constitutes a gift and how it is taxed.

What is lifetime (noncharitable) gifting?

Lifetime gifts have many advantages over gifts you might leave in your will (these are called bequests, legacies, or devises).

Types of trusts

The type of trust you should use will depend on what you're trying to accomplish.

Charitable Giving Basics

Charitable giving can play an important role in many estate plans. Philanthropy cannot only give you great personal satisfaction, it can also give you a current income tax deduction, let you avoid capital gains tax, and reduce the amount of taxes your estate may owe when you die.

Concentrated Stock Positions: Considerations and Strategies | Borrow to diversify

You could use your stock as collateral to buy other securities on margin.

Consider Charitable Giving When Developing Your Estate Plan

By leaving money to charity when you die, the full amount of your charitable gift may be deducted from the value of your taxable estate.

Concentrated Stock Positions: Considerations and Strategies | Donate shares to a trust

If you want income rather than growth from your stock, you might transfer shares to a trust.

Concentrated Stock Positions: Considerations and Strategies | Exchange your shares

Another possibility is to trade some of your stock for shares in an exchange fund (a private placement limited partnership that pools your shares with those contributed by other investors who also may have concentrated stock positions).