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Inflation/Interest Rate Cycle

The inflation/interest rate cycle at a glance

How can you make a gift?

A gift can take many forms. Each has advantages and limitations.

What are the nontax advantages of making lifetime gifts?

Lifetime giving allows you the immediate satisfaction of seeing the recipient (the donee) enjoy your generosity. For many people, this is the most important reason for gifting.

Fundamentals vs. Price History Research Types

Whether the growth or value approach appeals to you--and you may prefer a combination of the two--you'll need criteria for implementing it.

The Best Property to Give to Charity

Giving to charity is not only personally satisfying, the IRS (and possibly your state) also rewards you with generous tax breaks.

Getting started with a private family foundation

Setting up a private family foundation is complex and the assistance of an attorney is essential right from the start. The assistance of a tax professional experienced in handling nonprofit tax matters, and other consultants, managers, and staff members may also be required.

What is a private family foundation?

A private family foundation is a legal entity created, funded, and operated by a single family for the primary purpose of making grants to charities.

Investing for Major Financial Goals

The first step in investing is defining your dreams for the future.

Looking forward to Retirement

Retirement may seem a long way off, but it's never too early to start planning--especially if you want your retirement to be a secure one.

Investing in College

For many people, saving for college is an intermediate-term goal. If you start saving when your child is in elementary school, you'll have 10 to 15 years to build your college fund.